Personal Injury

At M.A. Munson Law, we are often asked, “Why do I need a personal injury attorney?” by individuals who have been involved in car accidents while driving in Cedar City, Saint George, or other areas in Southern Utah.

Several years ago, Mr. Munson was involved in a catastrophic accident in which he sustained 38 broken bones and other injuries, which required a total of 20 surgeries to repair.

As Mr. Munson’s condition improved, he learned that, though the fight to recover from his injuries was, fortunately, finally coming to an end, the fight with the insurance company was, unfortunately, only beginning.  He spent hours upon hours dealing with various representatives from various insurance companies—and he was constantly amazed at how difficult it was for him, even with a legal background, to get the insurance companies to do what they should do.  He found that the insurance companies were always trying to get out of meeting their obligations to step in and provide insurance services at the time when he needed them the most.

This crucible experience helped Mr. Munson to understand, on a very personal level, the struggles that individuals face after they have been involved in an accident.  The fact is….most people who have been injured are, unfortunately, in sincere need of assistance and representation in order to be able to fairly recover from situations for which they bear no fault whatsoever.

To demonstrate–imagine you are in a car accident that results in your incurring $100,000 in medical bills. While health insurance should cover some of the cost, let’s say you have a high deductible policy in which you are required to pay $15,000 to meet your deductible, so that the health insurance will step in and begin paying some of the $100,000 in medical expenses.  What is worse…you are missing work while you are on the mend, which likely means you may have no source of income, or at least a reduced income, during that period.

To add insult to injury, let’s say that the at-fault-driver’s auto insurance company argues that you are partly to blame for the accident, and therefore offers you a settlement of $3,000, on top of whatever portion of medical expenses that they determine they will pay.  Best case scenario here leaves you with $12,000 in medical bills that you would need to pay for an accident you didn’t cause….in addition to your lost work wages.

These situations, while unfair, are unfortunately all too common.  Knowledge and experience do matter! And scenarios like this are what attorneys are for – to protect and advocate on your behalf when you cannot do it for yourself. At M.A. Munson Law, we are effective advocates for clients involved in car accidents in Cedar City, Parowan, or anywhere else in Southern Utah–including Iron County, Washington County, Kane County, Garfield County, or Beaver County.  We genuinely care about each one of our clients…and the tireless effort that we put into each case to achieve justice on behalf of our clients proves it.